“Trial by jury is part of the bright constellation which leads to peace, liberty and safety.”  Thomas Jefferson, (1801)









Below are eligibility requirements for UAJ members.  
To join online, click here or contact UAJ at amy@utahassociationforjustice.org

Regular Members:  To qualify for membership, you must be licensed to practice law in the state of Utah and devote less than 50% of your practice to insurance defense. 

Sustaining Members: A regular member who makes financial contributions in amounts and forms to be established by the Board of Governors may become a sustaining member.

Lifetime Members: Any member may become a life member upon the approval of the Board of Governors and by paying the dues required for life membership.  To be eligible for life membership, a person must be a regular member in good standing for a consecutive period of no less than five years; have made outstanding contributions to further the goals of the corporation; have attained recognition in the practice of trial law; and be committed to the values upheld by the corporation.  A life member shall have the same rights and privileges as a regular member.

Allied Members*: You may become an Associate Member of the association if your injury practices include a significant amount of defense work, as determined solely by the UAJ Board of Governors, may be accepted as non-voting allied members, with no access to the Member Area of UAJ’s website, TrialSmith or ListServ.  Other restrictions may apply.

Paralegal Members*: Any person who, through experience or education, is functioning as a paralegal and who assists regular members may become a paralegal member.

Student Members*: Any person attending law school in the state of Utah may become a student member.

*Please note that students, paralegals, retired, inactive, out-of-state, full-time judges, law professors and public service memberships will have no access to the Members Area of UAJ's website, TrialSmith, or ListServers. Other restrictions may apply.