“Trial by jury is part of the bright constellation which leads to peace, liberty and safety.”  Thomas Jefferson, (1801)








LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP                                                                      

What is Lifetime Membership? 

Lifetime Membership is awarded to those who have provided outstanding financial contributions to the Utah Association for Justice.  Lifetime Membership status is achieved when a UAJ member makes a $15,000 donation in full to the association.  This payment can be made in one lump sum, or in installments via our Platinum Eagle Program.  

Why become a Lifetime Member?

Lifetime Members are key players in the success of the association.  Through their generous donations, Lifetime Members allow the UAJ to further its mission of preserving justice and accountability in the state of Utah.  Lifetime contributions fund UAJ CLE events, committee and section meetings, and more general operating expenses.

In exchange for their exemplary service, Lifetime Members are entitled to a variety of benefits summarized below. 

  • Exemption from membership dues payments for life*
  • Special discounts to CLE seminars - Annual Conference included
  • 3 Free CLE coupons received annually for life**
  • Recognition in the UAJ's quarterly publication, The Utah Trial Journal
  • Personalized Lifetime Member plaque to be displayed in the UAJ office
  • The satisfaction in knowing you've made a difference


Simply contact Amy Arburn, Director of Membership and Public Relations, at amy@utahassociationforjustice.org.  

* Members serving on the UAJ Board of Governors are required to pay Silver Eagle dues regardless of Lifetime Membership status.

** Free CLE coupons are not available for use at the Annual or Brain Injury Conferences.