“Trial by jury is part of the bright constellation which leads to peace, liberty and safety.”  Thomas Jefferson, (1801)









The civil justice system was created as the foundation for a fair society.  It guarantees an independent judiciary and ensures that any citizen has the right to seek justice by a jury of their peers, as dictated by the 7th Amendment.  Attorney members of the Utah Association for Justice guard this right when they represent deserving individuals who have been harmed by the negligence of others. Working together, attorneys and individuals can seek justice and closure.

The civil justice system can seem challenging to navigate and understand.  On this page you will find information regarding the civil justice system, tort reform, lawsuits and other legal matters, as well as links to community, state and national resources.


Tort Reform and Other Hot Topics

Center for Justice and Democracy - Information on a wide range of topics regarding our civil justice system.

American Association for Justice (AAJ): "Cases That Made You Safer"- The civil justice system keeps us safe. Here, see a wide range of cases that have made a big difference in the lives of Americans.

The Pop Tort: "Tackling the Lies of Tort Reform" - A lively blog addressing tort reform misconceptions.


Local & State Resources

Utah State Bar Public Services - Find information on the state's pro bono program, fee dispute resolution service, consumer assistance program, and more.

Utah Division of Consumer Protection- Use this site to file a complaint, search the buyer beware list, search registered entities and much more.

Safe Kids Utah- Information on preventing unintentional childhood injury in Utah.


National Resources

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission- Find recalled products, safety information, and product safety standards; report unsafe products, and much more.

Recalls & Safety Alerts- Find information from the FDA on recalls and market withdrawals; receive safety alerts.


Utah Non-Profits, Agencies and UAJ Partners

And Justice For All

Brain Injury Injury Alliance

Family Investment Coalition