“Trial by jury is part of the bright constellation which leads to peace, liberty and safety.”  Thomas Jefferson, (1801)








Why Should a Plaintiff Attorney be a Member of the UAJ?

The UAJ provides you with tools for professional success and works to protect the future of your practice and the rights of your clients.

We provide...

  • ListServ e-mail discussion groups, including sections for:
    Criminal Law
    Employment Law
    HCA Litigation
    Personal Injury
    Medical Malpractice
    Social Security
    Workers’ Compensation 
  • Intensive legislative efforts to enact and protect laws that promote civil accountability, on both national and state levels.
  • Secure Members Area of our website, which includes: deposition and brief bank, member forums, past journal articles, membership directory, list of CLE videos for rent, legal links, etc.

  • Our quarterly publication, the Utah Trial Journal, with articles of interest to the trial bar.

  • Quality seminars and workshops with local and nationally recognized speakers.

  • Professional support and education for new lawyers, law students, and paralegals.

For more information about benefits of UAJ membership, contact the UAJ at 801-531-7514.

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